Are you looking for a new type of business law firm that is in tune with our time and your professional and personal aspirations? The following should resonate with you:


I can (at last) practice in complete freedom

Eager to provide you with the best working environment, Squair allows you to work with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints. At Squair, you can practice law with passion wherever you want, whenever you want, and above all, however you want. So that you can be as efficient as possible and provide your clients with a responsive and bespoke response.

I have a team

Squair brings together lawyers with complementary profiles, in tune with social reality. The diversity of the team members’ backgrounds will enable you to find the support and expertise you need, when you need it to achieve the objectives you have set for yourself.

I benefit from high value-added services

A first-rate practice structure, a brand, relevant marketing tools, access to a pool of trainees, online documentary resources, Office pack, Cloud, invoicing software, channels to make exchanges of information more fluid and dynamic, collaborative project management solutions… We give you the means to develop your business and offer the best service and support to your clients.

Zero fixed costs, total freedom and transparent fee allocation rules

Set your own goals and don’t be accountable to anyone. You are free to adopt the fee and billing policy that you feel is appropriate for your clients, considering the matter at hands. This flexibility is one of the founding principles of Squair. It is made possible by the fact that the partners are not charged any fixed costs and the implementation of a simple and transparent fee allocation rule, distributing to the partners involved in a case between 75% and 99% of the fees collected.

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