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A new way of working is available to you. Flexible, balanced and transparent. A team with complementary backgrounds, customized resources and aggregated intelligence… Take a fresh look at our profession.

Squair originated with two lawyers, Olivier Lopez and Damien Gorse, and a bunch of questions: «How could they adapt the new ways of working to their legal practice?». «Is there a way to conciliate law firms with societal changes, and with the aspiration shared by a growing number of lawyers to find a healthy balance between their career goals and their life ambition?»

Squair is perfect for me because I am not accountable to anyone except my clients. I have three young children and share my time between London and Paris. I want to be able to make my choices and control my agenda as I see fit. What I like about Squair is its «air»-like quality.

Damien Gorse, partner at SQUAIR

Through their experiences, between Paris, London and New York, they have observed the effects and weight of hierarchy and internal politics, and the difficulties to adapt working methods to the pace and new demands of digitalization. They have observed and experienced the widespread lack of transparency, particularly in terms of remuneration and slow career progression…

I live in Paris and I chose to launch Squair.
For its «Square» side, for the quality of its resources and services, but above all for a team in which each member can get involved as much (or as little) as they wish, and can find the support he needs. The strength of a large firm, without its rigidity

Olivier Lopez, partner at SQUAIR

This resulted in a desire to create a business law firm with a unique DNA, consisting of freedom and efficiency. At Squair, everything is designed to optimize efficacy. While they have full autonomy over their work and the management of their practice, partners benefit from a structure and resources enabling them to bring greater added value to their clients.

Squair is a new model of law firm which you may have dreamed of.

Good news. It is now within your reach…

Why Squair

« SQUARE », fair and square, like our relationship with our partners, like our determination to accompany you by providing you with the best means to succeed.

« AIR », in reference to the lean structure of the firm and your freedom.

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