Our belief

Squair, let’s reinvent the way
we practice law

What if we could finally talk freely among lawyers? Have you noticed, as we have, the gap between the practice in traditional law firms and the current business world?
Do you, as we do, long for less hierarchy, fewer constraints, less administrative obligations…
Do you want to achieve your career goals without having to give up on your aspirations?

Squair, founded in 2018, opens the doors to a new law firm model.

With us, everything is possible. A balanced model made of fewer constraints, more independence and total freedom. And that makes all the difference…

Be Squair…

I can (at last)
practice in complete freedom

Our lean structure and the absence of hierarchy offer you maximum flexibility and minimum constraints.

I can rely
on a team

With us, you can choose to work on your own or to rely on a team of lawyers with complementary backgrounds and expertise.

I get to benefit from
high value-added tools

Videoconferencing, Sharepoint, Docusign, DeepL… The best tools for collaborative work are at your disposal.

Zero fixed costs and
total transparency

Your contribution to operating costs is entirely proportional to the revenue you generate, without any constraints or pressure.

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