Practice freely,
be part of a team, enjoy

Yuliana shares her time between Valencia, Paris and Medellin… Lucas enjoys working with a team aggregating complementary expertise to exchange knowledge and best practices…
Squair partners value working in complete freedom, each striving for excellence according to their own high standards.

Our partners all stand out individually, due to their rich and varied backgrounds, but they all share the strong team spirit driving our Paris and London offices. Working at Squair means believing in assimilating new knowledge and skills in order to offer our clients the comprehensive approach and support they deserve. Like Lucas, for instance.

In a world of experts, I believe that good decision-making relies more than ever on a broad and comprehensive vision and approach and I strive to acquire new knowledge every day. Initially trained in white-collar crime, I had the chance to participate in the creation of an independent professional media dedicated to the issues of anti-corruption, business ethics and data protection. I also give lectures in several university courses. Squair gives me the flexibility I need to take on different projects and offer my clients bespoke support. »

Lucas Sebban, Squair associate

Enjoying the freedom

After her trip around the world in 2016, Yuliana Colorado wanted to reconcile her professional goals with her decision to keep traveling. Being a partner at Squair enables her to handle her cases in complete autonomy.

I don’t have billing targets, but still get to benefit from the resources and brand of a leading firm. In the end, I get the chance to enjoy doing my job while continuing to travel. »

Yuliana Colorado, Squair associate

Do you want to regain your independence and offer your clients bespoke support, more in line with your vision of law practice? That’s exactly what appealed to Julie Walrafen, a partner at Squair. “I enjoy being part of a team of lawyers with whom I can share so much. We are all driven by a certain free spirit by also by a commitment to excellence. I just love this energy”.

Unfettered team-spirit

You are fond of interactions between partners and virtuous team dynamics. Olivier Lopez, founding partner of Squair, is convinced that team spirit and enjoying what we do are the keys to success in his profession, just like on a rugby field. « Our partners can count on a team in which each individual decides how invested of implicated he or she wants to be and can find the relevant support when needed. A great way to rediscover the pleasure of being lawyers! ».

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